Know About The Experience Of Playing Mobile Strike

On being a fan of Arnold Schwarzengger and the desire to become an action hero like him, I installed Mobile Strike on my pocket handset. I spend a lot of time on playing the game and found its content to be extremely interesting. On being an action videogame, Mobile Strike consists of various types of sound effects. It was the sound coming from various weapons used by me for striking the enemies that kept me involved in the game. Alongside this, the story, controls, and the graphics of the game are some of the other facts that led me to become caught up with the game for long.

The moment I opened the game and entered it, my digital character was automatically set in a war zone like location. The setting of the location appeared extremely realistic to me. It made me feel as if the game had placed me and not my digital character on the battlefield. Furthermore, while it was my digital character that was shooting the enemies, the sound coming from the bullets seemed to be realistic which led to me to feel that real guns were being used to destroy the enemies.


Mobile Strike provides the title of the Head of the State to the main character of the game. The experience of receiving this title the minute I was in the war field was that I actually felt responsible towards the army of my State. Moreover, though the title was a game title and was given to my digital character, its realistic nature made me feel that it is I that on being the Head of the State will be giving war commands to the army of my State. Furthermore, in the game, the duty of the Head of the State is to place obstacles in the path of the enemies. While the in-game character performed this duty, its movement seemed to be naturalistic to me.

Alongside playing the game, I ensured exploring it. I investigated the inventory section of the game. It comprised of various materials, armors, and weapons. The experience of entering the inventory zone of the game was as if I had entered the weapon area of a real battlefield. Each armor and weapon in the inventory displayed its own properties, viewing which lead me to realize that the in-game armors and weapons are exactly like the ones used in real wars, each gun and armor having its own area of expertise and a unique manner of use.

Last but not the least, what helped me to remain motivated to play the game was the resources. The quantity of resources in my game account increased each time I completed a level successfully. The more resources I had in Mobile Strike the more I wanted to earn. Earning resources in the game made me feel as I am making money in reality and becoming rich. You can take help of mobile strike hack tool which may reduce your real money expenses in this game. Keep trying you can find the one which works. On the whole, Mobile Strike‚Äôs content along with various other in-game factors helped me to have a realistic experience which in turn led me to forget the real world that I was surrounded with all along.…

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